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Ricercatore Astronomo (Tecnologo III livello) presso INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo-Gal Hassin, Centro Internazionale delle Scienze Astronomiche di Isnello, Palermo. In precedenza: Borsista presso INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova e Fundaciòn Galileo Galilei, FGG-Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, La Palma, Isole Canarie.

7 risposte a Anno Nuovo… Testata Nuova!

  1. Monica dice:

    Bella la nuova testata! Tuttidentro ha cambiato look, ma mi piace più così… E' astronomico! 🙂

    • Sabrina dice:

      Grazie!! Non è proprio perfetta, la volevo con un bordo nero, ma va bene anche così. New year, new look!

  2. Sabrina dice:

    I share the banner of TuttiDentro Blog with my friend Desh of the IYA2009 Sri Lanka.
    His Blog is available at:… .

    I am so really happy for that! Thank you, Desh!

  3. Sabrina dice:


    Here, we find a beautiful post dedicated to Fiami and his comic "The Lives of Galileo" by Desh, of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 – Sri Lanka.
    He received an English copy by the author himself, Fiami. His emotion is evident!

  4. Desh dice:

    Thanks Sabrina for sharing the both Joy & Banner !!

    Yes, very true Fiami is such a nice person, You will understand it yourself once been in contact with !!

    We, Sabrina & I have discovered the genuine personality of Fiami !!

    Thank to IYA2009 for making this possible and bridging new connections !!!

    • Sabrina dice:

      Thank you so much Desh, for this beautiful comment about Fiami and his comic "The Lives of Galileo".
      Fiami is very happy ho have met you, he told me that, some days ago during our call.
      He is a very special colleague and, above all, a very Great Friend.

      • Desh dice:

        It has always been a great pleasure to receive your thanks !!

        Fiami is such a great person, although we have never met at the moment, I really believe in this fact !!

        By the way, now we are getting ready for a new challenge The Eclipse Hunt 2010, I hope you'd find it interesting in my blog @